Making and Choosing the Proper Camping Knives

Heading Off To The Wild? You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Knife!

Among the most important tools you want to have whenever you’re planning a camping, hiking, or any other kind of outdoor experience is a knife.

You can use a knife for many diverse things like cutting a variety of items, building a shelter, killing food, in addition to protection from other animals.

A knife is also very handy and lightweight making it very easy to carry with you on any kinds of outdoor adventure.

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There are lots of diverse knives which you can have a long with you such as knives in the local outdoor stores. If you end up lost in the wilderness, having a handy weapon like a knife is great!

If You Don’t Have A Knife You Can Try Making One

If you get stuck out without your trusty blade, you can try to create one yourself in many interesting ways.

Among the most popular kinds of homemade knives can be created is stone knives – going back to the old days… Simply find a stone that’s pointed that fits in your hand. The video below is a good primer on slate knives.

As soon as you’ve selected the stone you’re going to use to make a knife your next step would be to lash the rock with a stick or wood, developing a knife finish with the stone.

You can also try making a flint knife.

This is a good skill to have if you happen to be in an American western style setting. This video gives some pretty good instruction on it.

Another popular knife you can make is a bone knife. These are highly popular amongst survivalists and can be easily created from any sort of bone which you can find, including an animal bone.
After you’ve got a bone you then have a stone or timber and form it into a pointed knife. A bone knife can be quite helpful in making punctures.

Another sort of knife which you can make when stranded out in the wilderness is a wood knife. You want to be certain that you opt for a sort of wood that’s hard and dry.
That you need to take your piece of wood and use a rock or other sort of wood to form the piece of wood into a pointed end.

A wooden knife is among the most frequent options of weapons to use when stranded in the wilderness, since they’re easily created and the materials are right at your fingertips.

It is also possible to create a knife from other materials. Bamboo is quite easy to shape but still provides a powerful point to use as your jagged edge of your knife.

Taking a rock and forming the knife with a sharp point is extremely easy to do, if you’re able to get a supply of bamboo in the region that you’re stranded in.

You may also find metals across the wilds which you can use and have been shown to be very helpful in protecting yourself from other predators, in addition to cutting and building things.

The metal usually behaves just as a refined knife does and if you’re fortunate enough to get some spare metal round, it is easy to shave it and shape it down to the form of a knife with a very sharp point.

Knives have always been a really important tool to for humans to have.  If you’re choosing to embark on any kind of outdoor trip or interesting experience this should definitely be a thing that’s a requirement for your survival backpack.

Or Just Buy A Real Knife for Wilderness Survival


As any lover of the wonderful outdoors knows, a wilderness knife could be critical to survival. There are many circumstances when a wilderness survival knife could be convenient, and a number of them are difficult to anticipate.

Using a wilderness survival knife isn’t the only important step you should take. Additionally it is crucial that the survival knife is of very good quality–otherwise, the knife becomes essentially useless. Selecting a superior wilderness survival knife is vital if you’re planning on spending excessive time outside.

A Fixed Blade Knife

The ideal wilderness survival knife is a fixed bade knife. This knife can serve you in many diverse situations. It’s excellent for carving, cutting, skinning, chopping, and lots of other outdoor tasks.
Fixed blade knives come in different levels of quality. The majority of the cheaper knives are weak at the point where the blade meets the handle. Despite the higher cost, a high quality knife will last longer and will make you better equipped in your wilderness adventures.

When you’re selecting your fixed blade knife, then you should first inspect the tang of the knife. The tang is the region of the blade which recedes to the grip, and your knife will be less likely to break if the tang is more powerful. But if the handle does split, the tang can be wrapped with a strap or fabric.

You also need to analyze the knife’s handle when you’re selecting a wilderness survival knife. You should never pick a hollow handle, because these are more likely to break. Your very best option is a solid handle which has a grooved surface and that’s contoured to fit your hand.

A Folding Pocket Knife

A fixed blade knife is a vital tool for any outdoorsman, and a folding pocket knife is an exceptional compliment. Though a folding pocket knife shouldn’t by any way take the position of a fixed blade knife, the many intricate tools on a pocket knife can be useful in many conditions.

Caring for the Knife

For your knife to be useful, you need to care for it and keep it in prime condition. This means that you ought to keep it clean and sharpen it frequently. A knife that’s made of high-carbon, spring tempered steel will require less sharpening than knives made from different materials.

A Wilderness Survival Knife–A Vital Tool

A high quality wilderness survival knife is something which no outside adventurer should be without. Its flexibility and usefulness has the capability to save you from many a sticky situation.

So make certain that the next time you plan on going on a jungle adventure that you ensure that you stop at the shop and grab you some reputable wilderness knives or create your own homemade knife through a few of the methods described.

You’ll realize that a handy knife can be an extremely valuable tool to have when you’re trying to living in the outdoors!  For more information on what we think the best knives are visit this link here.

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