Report: Is The Fallkniven A1 The Best Hunting Knife Available?

Our Fallkniven A1 Pro Survival Knife Review

When it comes to hunting and survival knives, you can’t just buy the first thing you see.  People think they know what the best knife might be in a survival situation, but looks can be deceiving.

Imagine you’re stuck in the wilderness – whether it be for a camping trip or an unfortunate accident – and all you’ve got on hand is the cheap value knife you picked up at a flea market.

A cheap blade like that might work well enough for a short time, but cheap construction, poor materials, and an overall lack of quality means every use of this type of tool in a heavy duty way brings it two-steps closer to breaking.

And it will most likely happen when least expected, and when you need it most. Then you’ll really be in trouble.

With the Fallkniven A1 Pro Hunting Knife, though, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Undoubtedly one of the best knives we’ve ever had the pleasure of using, it’ll serve you well no matter where or why you need to use it.

It’s easy to just say something is great, though; let’s cover exactly why this knife does such a good job at what it’s made for in detail.

A1 Pro Product Review

The A1 Pro is one of the latest products from Swedish knife maker Fallkniven. Since 1984, the company has been providing the best quality blades to customers around the world, and the A1 Pro is no exception. Made with only the finest and most durable materials available, this knife excels in usefulness as well as aesthetics. Few blades, even those of high quality, can hope to stand beside this one in terms of its overall usability.


Key feature nº1

The A1 Pro’s blade is uniquely designed from exquisite laminates cobalt steel. This specialized steel alloy helps keep a sharper, longer lasting edge on your blade, as well as improve durability of the knife overall. This, combined with the extra thickness of the blade, means you can put more power into every cut, swipe, and slash of the A1 Pro than you’d be comfortable on cheaper knives.

Key Feature nº2

Fallkniven offers both text and logo engraving onto the blade of every knife purchased from their store. Though merely an aesthetic improvement, the option is appreciated in making a knife feel unique to its owner.

Key Feature nº3

The handle of the A1 Pro features a tactical hole, both as a means of slightly cutting down on weight as well as adaptability. If desired, you could hang the knife from yourself on a rope or clip a small whetstone directly to your knife with a beaded chain or other item, ensuring you’ll always be able to have a freshly sharpened blade whenever you might need it.


The A1 Pro is a hefty knife, feeling firm and large in the hand despite weighing less than a pound in total. Its blade scored a 60 on the Rockwell hardness test, helping it to keep a sharp edge for longer and working in tandem with its unique laminated steel makeup to make up for the natural brittleness of harder steel, making both sharp and durable in ways many blades just can’t hope to match.

With a blade length of over 6 inches, you’re more able to put your weight into the cuts and stabs you make with the A1 Pro, a handy feature in survival or wilderness situations. Its long, fixed blade makes it great for cutting through smaller branches, ropes, and other objects you might need to slice. It can even prove useful in hunting, whether to finish off an animal or to cut it open for cleaning.

Additionally, the A1 Pro features a number of upgrades compared to its predecessor knives from the same manufacturers. Chief among them includes the improvements to the crossguard, now made from stainless steel and welded permanently to the tang of the blade, helping to increase hand protection and stability in the knife overall. A thicker blade with a wider tang also helps in improving the strength of the blade as well as its durability.

Each A1 Pro hunting knife comes with its own zytel sheath and DC4 whetstone, each receiving their own improvements compared to previous models. The sheath has been completely revamped to increase their durability, better protecting both you and your knife while it’s stored away. It’s also better suited for use with the MOLLE attachment system, making for a more natural look and feel when strapped to your body. The whetstone for its part is double sided, with a diamond-coated side for precise sharpening and a ceramic side for field sharpening and quick honing.

Finally, an A1 Pro hunting knife will be shipped to you inside shock-resistant and waterproof box with padding meant to carry both the knife, sheath, and whetstone. It can be used for storing your knife when not needed, as well as other types of survival gear like GPS trackers, tools, and the like.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Fallkniven A1 Pro Hunting Knife is one of the best knives you can buy on the market today. The latest in a long line of quality cutting tools from a company known for its quality, these blades will serve you well in any survival situation you might find yourself in. Though a bit on the pricey side, it’s worth every penny and then some. Try it today and see for yourself just what it can do.

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