GTS Recommends: Survival Tools

axe stuck in stump

While it is possible to effect one's own survival with nothing more than a good cutting edge, the odds of survival increase exponentially with each proper piece of gear you can incorporate into your survival kit.

In this guide I will be focusing only on the tools I recommend to include in any survival kit you plan to build, are in the process of building. Or maybe your kit needs updating.

While selecting the tools you will include in your survival kit, remember that these tools need to be reliable and durable. In the event these tools are needed for survival, you want to be able to trust them with your life and possibly your loved ones lives. With this in mind, I chose tools that may be pricier than some of the other alternatives. Remember these are just my recommendations, however I do believe that in one form or another, all of these tools should be included in your survival kit.

The first, and most important item in your survival tool kit is a knife. Your knife is your most valuable survival item. When you are left with nothing but the cloths on your back and your knife, you can effect survival. This one tool can aid in the reproduction of all other items on this list, or be used in place of any item on this list. For this reason, your knife needs to be of the highest quality you can afford.  And always have this item strapped to your body in case you get separated from the rest of your gear.

For a comprehensive overview of what makes for a proper survival knife, take a look at this guide: Survival Guide: How to Choose the Right Survival Knife

Recommended Survival Knives:

 One key to survivability is to have built in redundancies. For this reason, as well as versatility and conservation of resources, it is recommended to include a secondary cutting tool.

Recommended Secondary Knives:

While a quality knife can do all the chopping and processing needed around, and in the building of camp, I recommend a dedicated tool for processing firewood and larger game animals. Also is the need to keep all blades sharp.

Additional Cutting and Sharpening Tools:

A survival situation does not take a time out just because the sun has gone down. There will be work that needs to be done after sunset. 

This work will undoubtedly require 2 hands to complete, for this reason I will always choose a head lamp as my main candling device. This allows me to have light on my work and keep both hands free.

A fire provides light as well, but if you want a hand held flashlight or lantern in your kit, I would consider these as secondary candling devices. Also handy in a survival situation are glow sticks.

What we want from our head lamp is multiple brightness settings, including an SOS setting. As well as being waterproof and providing high lumens.

Recommended Candling Devices:


Obviously this does not cover all the equipment we would like to have in our survival kit. I will be adding more GTS Recommends Guides  to the site as the days go by so check back often.

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My next GTS Recommends will cover more packs, cooking and shelter recommendations as well as much more.

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