Gear Review: Monkey Paks Tactical Backpack Bundle with 2.5L Hydration Water Bladder

monkey pak tactical review

Looking For a Pre-Made Tactical Backpack? Check Out Our Monkey Pak Review!

Out of the box, this Monkey Pak bundle includes everything you need for a reliable bug out bag or weekend camping trip.

Durability begins with the selection of materials.

The 600 denier weight is a good compromise between being tough and being light.  See close up below:

monkey pak backpack

This rugged material can also be water-repellant. Not mind you, water-resistant.

That means that whatever is at the package closest to the cloth will get a bit wet in a torrential rain but it will not get completely wet.

Light rain will be no issue.

If you would like more rain resistance buy an aftermarket waterproof spray, spray it on your Monkey Pak backpack and now you’ve got waterproof stuff.

Where’s My Stuff?

Fortunately you’ll never have to say that with the Monkey Paks Military Army Style Backpack because, in addition to its numerous internal organizers, you’ve got five compartments to store your equipment in.

Only crappy backpacks will have you rooting around in the middle of a situation for something in your package.

Whether you are putting together a bugout pack or weekender, multiple compartments ensure that you are organized enough to know where everything is.

The organization of the pack from a cost standpoint, makes this worthwhile purchase.

You can see the latest price here.

Looking beyond the dollar signs, a hydration pack is a good complement to a backpack that is military.

Just think about how you would typically have a drink out from the trail: stop, unhitch your own pack, take your own water container out, pop or twist the cap, choose your drink, replace the contents on your pack then hitch back the pack up your back.

Not only can there be a time benefit to on-the-go drinking but you still get much hydration if the terrain is not friendly to you taking a bit of a break to drink – you also get lifeline while slogging through waist-high water or knee-high.

This package is MOLLE compatible.

You may buy any number of MOLLE attachments such as canteens, knife sheaths , compass kits, along with others letting this tote a range of alternatives.

Here’s a selection of what you can add to the bag.

  • Molle Water Bottle
  • Molle Compact EDC pouch
  • Molle Flashlight
  • Molle Utility Pouch

As wonderful as this bag may seem, there have been a few complaints regarding the construction of the bag. Some customers have said that the bag isn’t truly MOLLE compatible, as they use Velcro instead.

Another concern is that because there is a lack of interior dividers, it could be problematic when looking for some items, which in an emergency situation, could be disastrous.

Another concern a customer pointed out is the nylon straps of the bag are very slick. The plastic clasps doesn’t appear to have teeth on them, so you may have to tie off the strap so that the nylon doesn’t slip through.

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So What Do We Put In These Bags?

Firstly, a great knife! A survival kit may refer to a package that can contain the basic and supplies materials to help someone to survive in the event of an emergency situation. This kit is typically referred to and used by the armed forces to house needed supplies such as food, water, shelter and other necessary items for short term survival.

A soldier or a group of soldiers in armed forces is typically equipped with a survival kit which could contain the shield or materials for warmth like a space blanket, mosquito net or tube tent. A survival kit may also contain first-aid med packs and things for personal needs; water and food storage container; insect repellent and money.

Multi-purpose tools and materials such as a Swiss army knife, sharpening stone, parachute cord, heavy-duty thread and needle, and firearms and pistols could be saved in a survival kit.
Navigational devices such as personal locator beacons, compass, signal mirrors and maps could also be stored in a survival kit and can be used as needed during survival operations.

A government issued survival guide is essential reading which could be stored with in a survival kit with a soldier. Books like SAS Survival Guide and United States Army Survival Manual are to be used as references for survival guidelines in harsh situations and in the event of emergency.

The survival kit can be a back pack containing the essential materials for survival or can be a load or vehicle that has supplies and survival tools.

The contents of a survival kit taken by a soldier may change based on a situation, area or climate. A soldier may also bring with him a mini-survival kit that can accommodate small necessary survival tools such as mini compass, plastic garbage bag, fishing hook, small candle, waterproof matches, knife blade, jigsaw blade and other necessary survival gear that can fit in a small kit.

Survivalist and campers should also carry a survival kit. These are also referred to as bug-out tote or get out of dodge kit, 72 hour kit, or decent kit. It should contain supplies like medical equipment, communications equipment, power supplies, water purification equipment and food. They may be kept in a vehicle if they are bulky.

Survivalists carry things in a bug-out bag which are deemed absolutely necessary. However, other kinds of recreational campers may bring other less necessary equipment, survival gear, and equipment if they plan for a longer excursion.

The contents of a survival kit can be anything so long as they are useful for the end goal of survival and are things that will be needed in times of emergency. Homeowners may also have their own variations of survival kits as preparations for calamities like tornado or hurricane.

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