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preppers blueprint book review

Book Review Time, Class!

In these times of peril, people want to make sure they can protect and provide for their families no matter how uncertain the future may be . My review of Tess Pennington’s book, The Prepper’s Blueprint, is below. It is sold on Amazon, and lays out a complete guide to help us all properly prepare and set our minds at ease.

Pennington writes, “My purpose in all of this is not to promote fear and doom, or to teach others to hide from life, but to help others be aware that disasters do in fact exist and can affect us. Moreover, my goal is to teach others that they can find freedom through self-reliance.”

What’s In It For You?

Drawing on her years of experience, she delivers a comprehensive blueprint that will take you from uninitiated to full blown ready-to-roll prepper, who will be ready for any extended, long-term crisis situation.

Let’s here what some of the experts in the field have to say:

The Prepper's Blueprint book cover

Never have I recommended with this much conviction a book a concerned citizen must purchase and read from cover-to-cover.

Others Say

—  Daisy Luther, TheOrganicPrepper.ca

Tess not only writes about preparedness, she lives it.  The Prepper’s Blueprint is packed with advice from an experienced prepper and is exactly what is needed in these crazy times!

The Prepper’s Blueprint provides novice and experienced preppers with a ready set plan to get prepared, complete with “Preps to Buy” and “Action Items.”  You won’t find a more wide range of information in a compact format anywhere else.  I highly recommend The Prepper’s Blueprint!

— Todd Sepulveda, Prepper Website – PrepperWebsite.com

Being prepared for the unexpected is sensible, but it isn’t always simple. In The Prepper’s Blueprint, Tess Pennington sets out elementary steps that anyone can take, even those on tight budgets or living in small spaces. Her suggestions are practical and prudent, and she avoids the hype and scare tactics so common on survival websites and in many survival books. Tess is a pro with a thorough understanding of what it takes to survive. I highly recommend The Prepper’s Blueprint.”

– Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom – TheSurvivalMom.com

Not often do I read a book that offers a practical, common sense plan for building self-reliance and preparedness for the common man and woman. Some writers in our niche rehash gloom-and-doom theory but fail to lay out action steps for Doing the Stuff on our journey to self-reliance.

— Todd Walker, Survival Sherpa

There are a ton of prepping books out there and when you have read and reviewed as many as I have, the lines of distinction start to blur.  This book is different and will surely become one of the most useful and valuable prepping books in your library.

— Gaye Levy, BackdoorSurvival.com


I can not say enough about this book, and I can’t say it any better then these other experts. Hands down, this will be the best $20 prep tool you will buy this year. So go on out and get your copy today!  You will not be disappointed.

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